[Bro-Dev] #451: Remove DNS options for skipping auth/addl events

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Tue Feb 7 05:32:02 PST 2012

#451: Remove DNS options for skipping auth/addl events
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Comment (by seth):

 > Well, it is
 > important to be able to turn this processing off, it can add up to a lot
 > of performance load for something that may or may not be of any

 Agreed.  I want to refocus on the events that are generated by the DNS
 analyzer soon too, I think we could improve those events.  At the very
 least I want to be able to fully support DNSSEC which I think there was a
 problem with from the last time I looked.  There are actually some other
 query types that we can't support correctly right now too (like the type
 for storing SSH fingerprints in DNS):

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