[Bro-Dev] #768: Inline monitoring of modified scripts.

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#768: Inline monitoring of modified scripts.
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 We need to train users to do check, install, restart through broctl
 better.  I'd like to reduce the barrier to entry a bit more and if broctl
 can coach new users through the process better and remind existing users
 of the process it would be great.

 Here are my suggestions for what I think needs to be done:

 - Track hashes for all copied scripts (maybe in broctl.dat?) and watch for
 changes to notify the user.  I think it would be ok to only notify the
 user when they are in broctl but I can see that people may want that to
 also check and occasionally email from broctl cron (let's save emailing
 for later though, inline notification in broctl may be enough).

 - Track hashes for scripts that have been "checked" because then we can
 coach people about what step in the process they are at.  If someone has
 already run "check" on the current scripts we can recommend that they need

 - Create variables to turn off various suggestions.  I think the various
 suggestions would be "need to check scripts", "need to install scripts",
 and "ready to restart" or something along those lines.  I'm not even sure
 I like this idea though.

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