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#770: topic/v6-addr
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 Some suggestions from Robin that I'll fix
 - The DNS binpac analyzer generates both dns_a6_reply and
 dns_aaaa_reply, but the standard analyzer only the latter (for both
 resource record types). What is correct?

 - in DPM.cc, the ExpectedConn class: should it now store IPAddr
 instead of uint32[4] for orig and resp?

 - Expr.cc, BinaryExpr::AddrFold: why still the uint32[4] here? If it's
 just to make the macro work, I'd just remove that and use
 comparision operators instead.

 - IP.h, IP_Hdr: Do we need the new src_addr/dst_addr attributes? Why
 not construct on the fly out of ip4/ip6?

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