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#772: Problem with $path in Log filters
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     Type:  Problem  |     Status:  new
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 I finally wrote a generic path_func and it doesn't work.  The 'path'
 variable that is passed into the $path_func field when it's called is not
 filled out.  This should be an easy fix.

 module Log;

 export {
         ## A generic log path function that can be used in any filter if
 the record associated
         ## with the stream has a field named 'id' of type
 :bro:type:`conn_id` to split the log
         ## records into different files names based on if the connection
 was originated locally
         ## or not.
         global directional_path_func:  function(id: Log::ID, path: string,
 rec: record {id: conn_id;}): string;

 function directional_path_func(id: Log::ID, path: string, rec: record {
 id: conn_id; }): string
         local direction: string;
         local orig_local = Site::is_local_addr(rec$id$orig_h);
         local resp_local = Site::is_local_addr(rec$id$resp_h);

         if ( orig_local )
                 direction = resp_local ? "localonly" : "outbound";
                 direction = resp_local ? "inbound" : "remoteonly";

         return fmt("%s_%s", path, direction);

 event bro_init()
         Log::add_filter(DNS::LOG, [$name = "directional_split", $path_func
 = directional_path_func]);

         Log::add_filter(HTTP::LOG, [$name = "directional_split",
 $path_func = directional_path_func]);


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