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Fri Feb 24 10:40:02 PST 2012

#782: to_subnet BiF
  Reporter:  seth             |      Owner:  jsiwek
      Type:  Feature Request  |     Status:  closed
  Priority:  Normal           |  Milestone:  Bro2.1
 Component:  Bro              |    Version:  git/master
Resolution:  fixed            |   Keywords:
Changes (by jsiwek):

 * owner:   => jsiwek
 * status:  new => closed
 * resolution:   => fixed


 In [32aabe843245afa28492450f7fc1f49ceb758d66/bro]:
 #!CommitTicketReference repository="bro"
 Add to_subnet bif (fixes #782).

 Also fix IPAddr::Mask/ReverseMask not allowing argument of 0.

 And clarified return value of to_addr bif when the input string
 does not parse into a valid IP address.

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