[Bro-Dev] Problems parallelizing btests

Robin Sommer robin at icir.org
Wed Feb 29 17:54:21 PST 2012

btest:topic/robin/parallel has a version of btest that can run tests
in parallel. That works pretty well, except for two issues with Bro's
standard tests:

 - The coverage analysis doesn't like running in parallel, it messes
   up the state file. Jon, do you think we could get that to work

 - The communication tests can't be parallelized because they use the
   same port. The btest in the branch supports groups of tests that
   are executed sequentially, which solves the problem. But
   unfortunately that comes at the expenses of losing much of the
   speed-up that parallelizing would otherwise be able to achieve
   (because the communication tests take the longest).

   I'm wondering if we could randomize the ports being used in some
   form. But not sure how that would look like.

Other than these, it's actually pretty cool to run the tests in
parallel. :)

Btw, that branch also has a new option to rerun only tests that failed
last time.


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