[Bro-Dev] #740: Bug resulting in too many internal type references

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#740: Bug resulting in too many internal type references
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 There is a hard limit to how many references Bro will create for a type or
 value (INT_MAX) and we are using a function incorrectly leading to
 termination after long uptimes.

 There are a few places (for example strings.bif:132) where the
 internal_type function is called to get a reference to the type for a Bro
 script level defined type.  Unfortunately when internal_type is called, it
 in turn calls lookup_ID (Var.cc:486 leading to Scope.cc:115) which looks
 up the type, adds an additional reference to it and returns it.  The code
 that called internal_type never Unrefs the value.  Eventually Obj.h:207
 causes a shutdown when INT_MAX references are created to the type.

 I'm thinking we should just lookup the type a single time at startup along
 with all of the other Bro defined types in NetVar.cc and reuse the value
 after that so we one reference it a single time.  It's more consistent
 with how the internal_type function is called for other cases.

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