[Bro-Dev] #740: Bug resulting in too many internal type references

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Thu Jan 5 08:58:37 PST 2012

#740: Bug resulting in too many internal type references
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Comment (by robin):

 This sounds like a plain ref counting bug to me. The caller should
 unref once it doesn't need the type anymore. Were you able to
 understand which caller isn't doing it?  It doesn't need to be the on
 the stack backtrace (and from a quick look, it isn't).

  > I'm thinking we should just lookup the type a single time at startup
 along with all of the other Bro defined types in NetVar?.cc and reuse the
 value after that so > we one reference it a single time.

 That won't help as anybody using a a type would still need to ref it (and
 thus also unref).

 > It's more consistent with how the internal_type function is called for
 other cases.

 Why would that be more consistent?

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