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#731: Protocol Documentation Bundle 1
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Comment (by robin):

 In [3d2dc5f5fce968a31a922bd8b2fbf646122d2785/bro]:
 #!CommitTicketReference repository="bro"
 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/topic/script-reference'

 * origin/topic/script-reference: (50 commits)
   A few updates for the FAQ.
   Fixing some doc warnings.
   Forgot to add protocol identifier support for TLS 1.2
   Finished SSL & syslog autodocs.
   Adding the draft SSL extension type next_protocol_negotiation.
   Fix some documentation errors.
   A set of script-reference polishing.
   fixed a couple typos in comments
   Add summary documentation to bif files.
   Add ssl and syslog script documentation
   Add Conn and DNS protocol script documentation. (fixes #731)
   Small updates to the default local.bro.
   Documentation updates for HTTP & IRC scripts.
   SSH&FTP Documentation updates.
   Fixing a warning from the documentation generation.
   This completes framework documentation package 4.
   Minor notice documentation tweaks.
   Fix some malformed Broxygen xref roles.
   Minor doc tweaks to init-bare.bro.



     - Updated baselines for autodoc tests.
     - Now excluding stats.bro from external texts, it's not stable.

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