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#751: Broxygen Wishlist
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 Collecting a number of lower priority items here I noticed:

 - In a script's summary section, would be nice if the namespace linked
   to the corresponding index entry that lists all the scripts
   contributing to that namespace.

 - Thoughts on restructuring the summary section:

     * Notices: Should list the new Notices and link them to a part
       section in the Detailed Interface that describes them. Probably
       should then become the first entry of the Summary.

     * Redefinitions: Currently shows the type being modified and the
       text associated with the new comment, but not the new value
       itself. Not totally sure how to change, but perhaps just list
       the ID being modified here and then also link to Detailed
       INterface section.

     * Redefinitions: That's sometimes hard to understand currently,
       like in  scripts/base/frameworks/notice/weird.html: It's not
       that intuitive that Weird::Log is added to Log::ID; and also not
       what the comment belongs to.

     * Package index: would be nice if it had a brief description of
       each package, ideally generated automatically somehow (from
       comments in the __load__.bro perhaps?)

 - make -j doesn't work reliably with the doc generation, can give some
   od errors.

 - With all docs in Sphinx now, it would be helpful not have to rebuild
   everything (including Broxygen) each time one runs "make doc". I
   remember we discussed using the pickled Sphinx cache before and it
   didn't seem worth the trouble. May be worth reconsiderng now to keep
   the rebuild times small when doing just doc/* changes.

 - CSS styling the Broxygen part is a bit tricky because it always
   impacts the rest of the Sphinx-generated content. Is there a way to
   have a general "broxygen" CSS selector to select only Broxygen

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