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#752: topic/jsiwek/brofiler
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 This branch is in `bro` and `btest` repos and implements scripting-layer
 coverage analysis for the test suites.  Bro was augmented to output
 script-layer statement execution data in the presence of the BROFILER_FILE
 environment variable and some minor scripts were added to the test suites
 to aggregate those data files into `coverage.log` files.  That data seems
 like they'll generally help identify areas of scripts that lack testing
 coverage, but a goal of getting to 100% seems unreasonable since some
 statements are just naturally difficult or impossible to reach (which is
 sometimes a good thing!) and I haven't yet thought of a good way to
 automatically identify those or even manually maintaining a list of such
 statements might not be great since location information can change when
 scripts get modified.  Let me know if there's any feedback on anything
 that can be improved.

 For the 2.0 release the coverage numbers I get are:

 - 52% coverage rate for the btest suite
 - 45% coverage rate for the external/bro-testing suite
 - 62% coverage rate for btest and external combined

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