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#752: topic/jsiwek/brofiler
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Comment (by robin):

 >  - 52% coverage rate for the btest suite
 >  - 45% coverage rate for the external/bro-testing suite
 >  - 62% coverage rate for btest and external combined

 That's not too bad already! Does it increase further with the private

 >  to aggregate those data files into `coverage.log` files.  That data
 >  like they'll generally help identify areas of scripts that lack testing
 >  coverage, but a goal of getting to 100% seems unreasonable since some
 >  statements are just naturally difficult or impossible to reach (which
 >  sometimes a good thing!)

 Hmm ... yeah. On the other hand, I think we need some hard criteria to
 aim for as otherwise we never know whether we have written sufficient
 tests (or for new functionality, what we need to write tests for). The
 number would keep going up and down as we progress.

 Could we insert markers right in the scripts that tag blocks that
 aren't counted towards the covaerage? Like a whitelist, but not
 external (because, as you say, locations chage), but coming with the
 script itself. For example:

     if ( xxx ) { # @no-test
         <rarely executed code that can't be easily tested>

 The "@no-test" would need to be part of a comment and always
 associated with the preceding block start.


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