[Bro-Dev] [Bro-Commits] [git/bro] topic/v6-addr: Interface draft for new IP address wrapper class. (0868317)

Matthias Vallentin vallentin at icir.org
Tue Jan 24 11:47:58 PST 2012

> Oops, that are typos. That's supposed to look like this instead:
>          enum Family { IPv4, IPv6 };
>          enum ByteOrder { Host, Network };
> Does that make more sense? :)

Yes :-).

> I have this old rule of thumb in my head to define binary operators
> outside of classes. What was the use case where that's needed?

I think you're actually right: binary operators outside of classes
improve implicit type conversion. Say you implement for some reason
operator/ for IP addresses and have an instance ip of your class, then
the expression / ip

only works operator/ is implemented as non-member function (in the same
namespace as the IP address class). Or put differently, the member
implementation of a binary operator forces the LHS of an expression to
of that class type, which limits the operator symmetry:

    addr(" /

will work, but / addr("

will not.


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