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#752: topic/jsiwek/brofiler
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Comment (by jsiwek):

 > I don't think I changed anything relevant. I  renamed BROFILER_FILE to
 BRO_PROFILER_FILE for consistency with other env variables though.

 Looks like a few places didn't get adapted to the new name:

 $ grep -R BROFILER_FILE .
 ./testing/btest/coverage/coverage-blacklist.bro:# @TEST-EXEC:
 BROFILER_FILE=coverage bro -b %INPUT
 ./testing/scripts/btest-bg-run:BROFILER_FILE=`mktemp -t script-coverage`
 $BTEST_PATH/btest-bg-run $@

 The last one is the reason for the errors -- the tests involving
 communication go through that wrapper script so that each Bro process gets
 a unique coverage file to write to, otherwise they may write
 simultaneously to the same file.  Want to try again after fixing those?

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