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#849: SMTP analyzer and reporter warnings
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 There are some warnings in the SMTP analyzer (ultimately from using the
 MIME analyzer) that go to reporter but they are wildly unhelpful in
 reporter.log.  Here's an example line from reporter.log:

 1342043855.564338       Reporter::WARNING       nested mail transaction
 (empty) -

 Doing protocol violations on the smtp analyzer wouldn't quite be the right
 thing either because the dpd framework might remove the smtp analyzer from
 the connection.  Part of the problem may stem from the fact that MIME
 analyzer isn't a true analyzer (doesn't descend from Analyzer).  There is
 some obvious analyzer restructuring that needs to happen here but that can
 wait for the larger analyzer work that is coming up.

 Does anyone have thoughts about what we could do with this message now to
 make it more useful?

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