[Bro-Dev] Compiler error on MacOS

Siwek, Jonathan Luke jsiwek at illinois.edu
Thu Mar 1 08:47:35 PST 2012

> All of a sudden my Mac says this when compiling master (Linux and
> FreeBSD work fine):
> In file included from /Users/robin/bro/master/build/src/netflow_pac.cc:3:
> /Users/robin/bro/master/build/src/netflow_pac.h:13: error: expected initializer before ‘*’ token
> /Users/robin/bro/master/build/src/netflow_pac.cc: In member function ‘bool binpac::NetFlow::NetFlow_Flow::deliver_v5_header(binpac::uint16, binpac::uint32, binpac::uint32, binpac::uint32, binpac::uint32, binpac::uint8, binpac::uint8, binpac::uint16)’:
> /Users/robin/bro/master/build/src/netflow_pac.cc:158: error: ‘mgr’ was not declared in this scope
> /Users/robin/bro/master/build/src/netflow_pac.cc: In member function ‘bool binpac::NetFlow::NetFlow_Flow::deliver_v5_record(binpac::uint32, binpac::uint32, binpac::uint32, binpac::uint16, binpac::uint16, binpac::uint32, binpac::uint32, binpac::uint32, binpac::uint32, binpac::uint16, binpac::uint16, binpac::uint8, binpac::uint8, binpac::uint8, binpac::uint16, binpac::uint16, binpac::uint8, binpac::uint8)’:
> /Users/robin/bro/master/build/src/netflow_pac.cc:225: error: ‘mgr’ was not declared in this scope
> I'm pretty sure that must be something local to my setup as others
> here are using Mac too. Does anybody happen to have an idea what could
> be causing this?

Looks similar to what happened in this thread:



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