[Bro-Dev] Problems parallelizing btests

Daniel Thayer dnthayer at illinois.edu
Mon Mar 5 08:15:36 PST 2012

On 03/02/2012 11:45 AM, Robin Sommer wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 29, 2012 at 17:54 -0800, I wrote:
>> btest:topic/robin/parallel has a version of btest that can run tests
>> in parallel.
> This branch could use some testing as well, btw. I've also
> restructured things internally a bit. README isn't updated yet but the
> new options are:
>    -j THREADS, --jobs=THREADS
>                          number of threads to run tests in simultaniously; 0
>                          disables threading
>    -g GROUP, --group=GROUP
>                          execute only test of given group, or '-' for those
>                          without any group
>    -r, --rerun           Execute commands for tests that failed last time
> (For the Bro tests, one currently needs to remove the
> BRO_PROFILER_FILE variable from btest.cfg to make it work.)
> Robin

It appears that OutputHandlers.py isn't getting installed.  When I run
btest (after doing "python setup.py install"), I see this error:

ImportError: No module named OutputHandlers

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