[Bro-Dev] The BPAN project

Siwek, Jonathan Luke jsiwek at illinois.edu
Mon Mar 19 09:12:19 PDT 2012

>        * Each __load__.bro file contains additional meta data. Here is
>          an example
>            ## @version: 0.42
>            ## @author: Joe Bro <bro at bro-ids.org>
>            ##
>            ## @license: BSD-style  (should be the default unless specified)
>            ##
>            ## @bro: 2.1
>            ## @dependencies: b/x, https://my-repo.git/foo
>            ##
>            ## @tags: tls, x509, browser

Maybe also a short paragraph description of the repo's purpose/goal/function could be included here.

And assuming that, for the officially supported repo, we'll also want auto-generated documentation, note that there's currently some scripting that occurs to take reST markup from README files in the same directory as __load__.bro files and display that in the "index of all packages" along with the link that lets you drill down into individual scripts within.  We didn't actually get around to using that anywhere, so it's probably not a big deal to change to using __load__.bro instead, but my main point is that the metadata should get specified in a way that can be rendered in to the docs.

>          - The @-prefix inside comments may be used as a specific
>            marker for parsing. But any other character would do as
>            well.

Maybe we could make this reST-compatible markup to start with for reasons above?


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