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#803: topic/jsiwek/routing0
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 This branch adds improved handling of packets with IPv6 routing type 0

 See [f4101b52659e19bea11a94c7e51fcfa501e4317c/bro] for details.

 It seemed important to be able to use the final destination of packets
 with an RH0 as the endpoint of connections in case there's still nodes out
 there that do RH0 processing according to RFC 2460, but I'm also feeling
 like it's a bit wasteful or makes the code more complex than necessary
 since RH0 is deprecated by RFC 5095 anyway and going to be uncommon.  Any

 Would it make sense to just raise a weird (already do that in my changes)
 and stop analyzing a packet that contains an RH0 with non-zero segments
 left on the grounds that it's supposed to be deprecated and the analysis
 isn't going to be correct unless we make extra effort to understand the
 final destination?

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