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#816: Reworked PacketFilter framework
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 This is in the topic/seth/scripts-for-2.1 branch, apologies for the poor
 naming.  One test is failing for me (coverage.test-all-policy) but I'm not
 sure what to do to fix it.

 This branch reworks the packet filter framework to make it easier to
 accomplish common actions.

 - Removes the PacketFilter::all_packets variable and instead makes "ip or
 not ip" the default capture filter.
 - Adds some convenience methods for restricting the traffic that is
 monitored and shunting traffic away with BPF.
 - Adds the beginning of load balancing support that is necessary to tie in
 with some load balancing methods through broctl.
 - Change the queue manager to flush the event queue before initializing
 analyzers through DPD.
 - New protocols framework that adds some convenience support for defining
 the analyzer->DPD linkage.

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