[Bro-Dev] #822: Segmentation fault ICMP Analizer

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Sat May 26 05:28:37 PDT 2012

#822: Segmentation fault ICMP Analizer
  Reporter:  Tyler.Schoenke  |      Owner:
      Type:  Problem         |     Status:  new
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 Component:  Bro             |    Version:  git/master
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Comment (by Tyler.Schoenke):

 This is crashing four workers on one server.  I'm using the cFlow to load
 balance, but sending the traffic to a single NIC on this server and using
 BPF filters to mask the MAC addresses so each worker sees their own.  Why
 does the ICMP crash all four workers?  Is BPF filtering happening after
 the protocol analysis or is it coincidence that four of the 12 src/dst
 tuples with the problem all happen to be on the same server?

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