[Bro-Dev] [Fwd] [Bro-Commits-Internal] UnitTests - Build # 454 - Still Failing!

Robin Sommer robin at icir.org
Tue Nov 6 07:44:10 PST 2012

Must be the recent DNS changes. From a quick look I don't see where
it's leaking but my local perftools unfortunately doesn't report it.

Can we get the output of that pprof command?


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core.leaks.dns ... failed
  % 'HEAP_CHECK_DUMP_DIRECTORY=. HEAPCHECK=local bro -m -r $TRACES/wikipedia.trace /home/jenkins/workspace/UnitTests/bro/testing/btest/.tmp/core.leaks.dns/dns.bro' failed unexpectedly (exit code -6)
  % cat .stderr
  WARNING: Perftools heap leak checker is active -- Performance may suffer
  Leak check net_run detected leaks of 233 bytes in 4 objects
  The 2 largest leaks:
  Leak of 208 bytes in 2 objects allocated from:
  @ 6ae0b9
  @ 6b0f76
  @ 6b0ba3
  @ 77770f
  @ 6675c0
  @ 39d8e1ecdd
  Leak of 25 bytes in 2 objects allocated from:
  @ 669df9
  @ 6ab75b
  @ 6ae0d1
  @ 6b0f76
  @ 6b0ba3
  @ 77770f
  @ 6675c0
  @ 39d8e1ecdd
  If the preceding stack traces are not enough to find the leaks, try running THIS shell command:
  pprof bro "./bro.31993.net_run-end.heap" --inuse_objects --lines --heapcheck  --edgefraction=1e-10 --nodefraction=1e-10 --gv
  If you are still puzzled about why the leaks are there, try rerunning this program with HEAP_CHECK_TEST_POINTER_ALIGNMENT=1 and/or with HEAP_CHECK_MAX_POINTER_OFFSET=-1
  If the leak report occurs in a small fraction of runs, try running with TCMALLOC_MAX_FREE_QUEUE_SIZE of few hundred MB or with TCMALLOC_RECLAIM_MEMORY=false, it might help find leaks more repeatably
  Memory leaks - aborting.

core.leaks.remote ... ok
core.leaks.ayiya ... ok
1 of 13 tests failed
Build step 'Execute shell' marked build as failure
Recording test results
Email was triggered for: Failure
Sending email for trigger: Failure

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