[Bro-Dev] changing Notice::policy mechanism

Seth Hall seth at icir.org
Thu Nov 8 09:03:00 PST 2012

On Nov 8, 2012, at 11:36 AM, "Siwek, Jonathan Luke" <jsiwek at illinois.edu> wrote:

> More variants…
> It could be like synchronous signal handling with "raise" and "trap" keywords.

Oh, I kind of like this.  To me it even makes the break-ing more obvious since there are a series of traps being executed.  I've been thinking of these more and more like an easy to use hooking mechanism and I think raise and trap fit in with that.

Actually, what about just "hook"?

  hook trigger(n: Notice::Info) &priority=5
  if ( xxx )
     break; # short circuit

  hook trigger(n: Notice::Info) &priority=-5
  if ( yyy )

  local n: Notice::Info;
  hook trigger(n);


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