[Bro-Dev] Proposing a new type: opaque

Matthias Vallentin vallentin at icir.org
Mon Nov 19 08:57:51 PST 2012

> >    opaque of T
> Not sure I like this.  It seems too similar to the current syntax of
> tables and vectors (I do want to see the vector syntax eventually
> though).  It looks like T would be a yield value.

I see the similarity to other language elements rather as a consistent
form of integration. Why would the "T of Y" syntax only pertain to
container types? Admittedly, we have currently no other uses, but looks
like a reasonable one to me.

> opaque<MD5>

While this looks good to folks familiar with C++ and templates, it looks
like an exceptional one-off to the Bro language. As you said, it would
involve tweaking both lexer and parser, and when is a about to happen,
we should rethink the added value.


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