[Bro-Dev] #890: known-services hasty service detection

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#890: known-services hasty service detection
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 known-services.bro mostly treats a `protocol_confirmation` like a
 "service" confirmation, but there's not a strict rule preventing an
 analyzer from doing a `protocol_confirmation` when only the originator
 side has been seen so far.  Such a rule/convention could be made to fix
 the problem, or maybe the script could change to be more flexible in how a
 protocol confirmation gets promoted to a service confirmation like if the
 user were able to define that in a function per-protocol.

 Bill Jones was specifically having trouble with Teredo.  From the mailing
 list "I don't think  TEREDO is working correctly.  It is filling up the
 known_services.log with entries for local host ports that I know are
 closed just because there was a TEREDO packet sent to that port."

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