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#891: topic/jsiwek/gridftp
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 This branch exists in `bro`, `bro-testing`, and `bro-testing-private`
 repos and adds support for GridFTP detection.

 Relevant commits are:


 Summarized changes are:

 - Add generic connection polling script: base/protocols/conn/polling.bro
 - Add GridFTP detection script (mostly deals with GridFTP data channel
 detection): base/protocols/ftp/gridftp.bro
 - Add a new support analyzer which looks at FTP requests for AUTH GSSAPI
 and forwards data to an SSL analyzer instance if it looks like the GSI
 mechanism.  This makes it possible to identify GridFTP control channels.
 - Change FTP analyzer to no longer skip further analysis of a connection
 if the server accepts an AUTH request.
 - SSL client certificates are now tracked/logged by default.

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