[Bro-Dev] #880: Cannot do signature matching for ICMP payload

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#880: Cannot do signature matching for ICMP payload
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Comment (by jsiwek):

 In [e835a55229315f61e6994811b0eb6423f14c905a/bro]:
 #!CommitTicketReference repository="bro"
 Add IPv6 support to signature header conditions.

 - "src-ip" and "dst-ip" conditions can now use IPv6 addresses/subnets.
   They must be written in colon-hexadecimal representation and enclosed
   in square brackets (e.g. [fe80::1]).  Addresses #774.

 - "icmp6" is now a valid protocol for use with "ip-proto" and "header"
   conditions.  This allows signatures to be written that can match
   against ICMPv6 payloads.  Addresses #880.

 - "ip6" is now a valid protocol for use with the "header" condition.
   (also the "ip-proto" condition, but it results in a no-op in that
   case since signatures apply only to the inner-most IP packet when
   packets are tunneled).  This allows signatures to match specifically
   against IPv6 packets (whereas "ip" only matches against IPv4 packets).

 - "ip-proto" conditions can now match against IPv6 packets.  Before,
   IPv6 packets were just silently ignored which meant DPD based on
   signatures did not function for IPv6 -- protocol analyzers would only
   get attached to a connection over IPv6 based on the well-known ports
   set in the "dpd_config" table.

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