[Bro-Dev] #906: Need tcp_max_above_hole_without_any_acks to be redefinable

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Mon Oct 22 00:55:51 PDT 2012

#906: Need tcp_max_above_hole_without_any_acks to be redefinable
 Reporter:  carsten     |       Type:  Problem
   Status:  new         |   Priority:  Normal
Milestone:  Bro2.2      |  Component:  Bro
  Version:  git/master  |   Keywords:
 In my scripts, I must redefine tcp_max_above_hole_without_any_acks from
 Currently I have to patch the source for doing it, as the constant is not
 redefinable from a script. The fun thing is: the documentation even says
 "If set to zero, then we don’t ever give up.", which you currently cannot
 do from scripts.

 Please change inside scripts/base/init-bare.bro from
     const tcp_max_above_hole_without_any_acks = 4096;
     const tcp_max_above_hole_without_any_acks = 4096 &redef;

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