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#910: topic/dnthayer/installing-bro
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Comment (by dnthayer):

 Replying to [comment:1 robin]:
 > I've merged this but it seems we have now duplicated the 2.0->2.1
 upgrade information (in upgrading.rst and in NEWS). We should consolidate
 the two (didn't compare if they have different things). If the plan going
 forward is to have everything in upgrading.rst, then NEWS should just
 point there.

 I don't see any conflict between the two docs.

 The purpose of the upgrade.rst is to give a list of version-specific
 (e.g., 2.0 to 2.1)
 potential upgrade problems (things that could break a user's existing
 scripts).  Such problems could include renamed Bro script variables
 or broctl options.  Or, "configure" options that are now removed
 or have been renamed (such as the change involving the perftools options).

 The NEWS is a list of all changes, including new functionality (such
 new functionality will not break user's existing scripts, that's why
 those changes are not in upgrade.rst).  The aim of upgrade.rst is
 to be as practical and concise as possible for users who are in a
 hurry to upgrade an existing installation.

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