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#914: topic/seth/intel-framework
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Comment (by robin):

 Good stuff.


 - why not load the various seen() handlers in base/* rather than policy/*?
 Isn't part of the beauty here that it will just find stuff once intel data
 has been loaded?

 - cluster.bro: {{{initial_sync}}} never gets reset; that doesn't seem to
 work if I restart everything except the manager, right?

 - {{{match_no_items}}} is not a very intuitive name imo :)

 - didn't you have some initial documentation as well, or do I misremember

 - Should scripts/policy/protocols/http/detect-intel.bro looks go now?
 Likewise, there are old tests in {{{scripts/base/frameworks/intel/}}} that
 use {{{Intel::matcher}}}

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