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#872: topic/dnthayer/language-tests
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 Added tests of bro script language features.
 These tests include tests of the built-in Bro data types (tested
 different representations of constant values, max./min. values,
 and allowed operations on each data type), keywords, and
 operators (including special properties of certain operators,
 such as short-circuit evaluation and associativity).

 Several bugs in bro were found (and fixed) as a result of these
 tests, but there are still two known issues remaining (marked
 in the test scripts with "TODO" comments):

 1) Calling an event that was declared locally (without
   an event body) and assigned to an existing event doesn't
   seem to do anything
 2) Writing interval constants with a decimal point but without a space
   (such as 2.5day, or 2.1usec) causes bro to exit with an error because
   interpreting the interval constant as a host name

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