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#26: case insensitive regular expressions
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Comment (by seth):

 > I think your branch internally modified `RE_Matcher` to handle case
 > sensitivity and that's where the problem combining them was?

 I don't recall exactly where I implemented it actually but I took cues
 from the code itself (it looked like someone had started to think down the
 route of case-insensitivity at some point).

 > But I think they were suggesting just modify the parser to recognize
 > {{{/abc/i}}} such that it takes the pattern text of {{{abc}}} and
 > it to {{{[aA][bB][cC]}}} then create the `RE_Matcher` based on that (as
 > the user had manually written out that longer form).

 That sounds somewhat hard, is it?

 > I think that quick hack of expanding/substituting the pattern text would
 > work that way without changing any internals relating to case
 > It just makes it so a script-writer doesn't have to write the full form
 > and increases readability.

 It would be the easiest thing from the perspective of trying to integrate
 into the existing architecture.

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