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#882: Requests related to IPv6 routing extension header
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Comment (by jsiwek):

 Replying to [ticket:882 sheharbano.k]:
 > 1). Generate event for RType=0 in IPv6 routing extension headers.
 RType=0 is deprecated and poses DoS risk

 They currently create a weird called "routing0_hdr" which could be
 upgraded to a notice if desirable.

 > 2) In Wireshark, i can see the Type-specific Data field of the routing
 header as addresses. Bro should be able to parse addresses in the type
 specific data field of the routing extension header, which it doesn't as
 of now.

 The data itself is available in script-layer events which get extension
 headers (it's the *data* field of `ip6_routing` records).  There's a BIF
 called `routing0_data_to_addrs` to parse out addresses for routing type 0
 headers.  Something could be done similarly for other types, but I hadn't
 tried too hard to find a way to parse the data at the script-layer alone,
 so if that's possible, it would be better.

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