[Bro-Dev] #968: Add bytestring_to_uint16, uint32, uint64 functions

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Mon Apr 22 14:36:43 PDT 2013

#968: Add bytestring_to_uint16, uint32, uint64 functions
  Reporter:  yun            |      Owner:
      Type:  Merge Request  |     Status:  new
  Priority:  Low            |  Milestone:  Bro2.2
 Component:  Bro            |    Version:  git/master
Resolution:                 |   Keywords:  bytestring
Changes (by jsiwek):

 * type:  Patch => Merge Request


 > Normally you would expect it to be in network-order/big-endian, but
 Metasploit sends the size in little-endian.. So if I read this from the
 packet, I definitely want to ensure that I read it from the known order.

 Ok, makes sense to me now for the flag to indicate LE vs. BE so that we
 can handle either case as the canonical network form.  The patch seemed
 ok, so changing to a merge request just to draw more attention from Robin.

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