[Bro-Dev] Hui Lin_Errors from included Bro policy

Siwek, Jonathan Luke jsiwek at illinois.edu
Thu Aug 8 11:59:19 PDT 2013

> error in /usr/local/bro/share/bro/base/frameworks/files/./main.bro, line 317: unknown identifier Site::local_nets, at or near "Site::local_nets"

Maybe check if "local_nets" is actually defined in the version of base/utils/site.bro that you have (and that it's in the export section for module "Site").  If it's not, then you've got a modified/bad/old/wrong version of that script installed.  You can also load policy/misc/loaded-scripts.bro, run bro, then check the loaded_scripts.log to see if you're actually loading the scripts from the location you expect.

- Jon

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