[Bro-Dev] Planing for a 2.2 beta

Robin Sommer robin at icir.org
Mon Aug 12 09:04:42 PDT 2013

This is what I have on my list as remaining for a 2.2 beta:

    - Fix sumstats framework (Seth; or is it done already now?)
    - HyperLogLog (Bernhard)
    - DHCP script cleanup (Seth/Vlad; see BIT-1050)
    - DNP3 finalizing (Robin, Hui)
    - Windows executable analyzer (Seth; going to happen?)
    - SIP analyzer (Vlad; going to happen?)
    - Bloomfilter test failures (Matthias)
    - Input framework test failures (Bernhard)
    - X509 extensions (going to happen? can somebody remind we what this is about?)

Anything I'm missing? I'd like put a feature freeze in place.

Can we aim to have this all in by the end of this week? Then we could
target a 2.2 beta by the end of next.


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