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#869: Mechanism for discovering current script name
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Comment (by jsiwek):

 Replying to [comment:6 robin]:
 > Thanks. One more thing (I've already argued with Seth about this :) For
 me "path"  suggests *full* path including the script's file, while this
 returns only the directory where the script is located in. Would you
 object to changing that? Alternatively, how about using {{{@DIR}}} instead
 of {{{@PATH}}}? (or maybe {{{@CWD}}}?)

 `@CWD` is confusing since it can expand to something that's actually not
 the working dir of the process.

 I see how `@PATH` can be ambiguous, I'll change it to `@DIR`.  That can
 only be interpreted one way.

 I'll add `@FILENAME` to expand to the file name (no path), so you can do
 `@DIR + "/" + @FILENAME` for an absolute file path if that's needed.

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