[Bro-Dev] Plugin branch status

Siwek, Jonathan Luke jsiwek at illinois.edu
Thu Jun 6 11:14:30 PDT 2013

>> 1) Replace the "Built-In Functions (BIFs)" bullet under "Script Reference" with a "Plugin Reference" bullet.  (better name to use here?)
> We could just call it "Analyzer Reference" for now because there
> aren't any other plugins.

I expect there be File Analyzer plugins real soon.  Making another page for that shouldn't be difficult in the short-term, but...

> I'm not quite sure how it should look longer term once we have
> different component types, in particular because a single plugin can
> provide different ones (like a reader and writer). We probably want to
> group them by component type eventually, plus a separate plugin index
> listing all of a plugin's components.

Separating by "plugin type" feels awkward because the type distinction doesn't actually exist.  It's implicit by peeking at the components that belong to a plugin, but they aren't guaranteed to be all the same component type in the future.  But we can probably just wait and see what component mixtures are there in the future and decide how to categorize them then.

Another thing is that the bif-items are associated with a plugin, not with particular components.  So if we want docs-per-component, it's not clear what bif-items go with what component.

- Jon

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