[Bro-Dev] broctl restart

Robin Sommer robin at icir.org
Mon Mar 18 08:37:31 PDT 2013


I've a question/task regarding broctl' "restart". Before merging #960,
there was this code:

     if clean:
          # Can't delete the tmp here because log archival might still be
          # going on there in the background.
          util.output("cleaning up ...")
          self.do_cleanup("--keep-tmp " + args)
          self.postcmd(False, "--keep-tmp " + args)

You removed the --keep-tmp option, which makes sense because it didn't
do anything. However, I'm concerned that that might have been there
for a reason, per the comment (which I've removed now too because
without the --keep-tmp, it doesn't apply anymore). 

Is is possible that we still have a problem there that if somebody
does "restart --clean", logs might get deleted before they're
completely archived? I'm wondering if the --keep-tmp code might have
just gotten lost at some point accidentally.

Also, maybe related or not, we got a report that "broctl restart"
(without --clean) apparently *does* delete logs occasionally before
they get archived. So independent of --keep-tmp, I'm wondering if we
have some a similar problem elsewhere.

Can you take a closer look at these and see if you find something?
I'll also open a ticket. Thanks,


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