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Tue Mar 19 09:59:19 PDT 2013

#971: SMB Modules crashing bro consistently
 Reporter:  dni         |       Type:  Problem
   Status:  new         |   Priority:  Medium
Milestone:  Bro2.2      |  Component:  Bro
  Version:  git/master  |   Keywords:
 Hello crew,

 Just wanted to submit the latest bugs we've been getting using the smb-
 work2 module.

 bro: /home/bbomar/work/bro/bro/build/src/smb_pac.cc:1920: int
 binpac::SMB::SMB_unicode_string::Parse(const binpac::uint8*, const
 binpac::uint8*): Assertion `t_dataptr_after_s <= t_end_of_data' failed.
 /usr/local/sis/share/broctl/scripts/run-bro: line 60: 29266 Aborted
 (core dumped) nohup $mybro $@

 All my 4 workers are crashing with the above error.

 [BroControl] > status
 Name       Type       Host       Status        Pid    Peers  Started
 worker-1   worker crashed
 worker-2   worker crashed
 worker-3   worker crashed
 worker-4   worker crashed
 manager    manager running       27803  ???    19 Mar
 proxy-1    proxy running       28998  ???    19 Mar

 Any advice you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

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