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#972: Default arguments for functions
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Comment (by jsiwek):

 I've got some new code that allows default params and seems to work so
 far.  An example script:

 global foo: function(a: string &default="hello");

 # TODO: adding &default should be optional on impl if decl has it?
 function foo(a: string &default="hello")
     print "foo", a;

 function bar(a: string, b: string &default="hi", c: count &default=5)
     print "bar", a, b, c;

 # TODO: should be a parse error?
 # (i.e. follow C++ rules that default params must be rightmost ones)
 function baz(a: string &default="err", b: string)
     print "baz", a, b;


 bar("cool", "beans");
 bar("cool", "beans", 13);

 Thoughts on the questions in the TODO comments?

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