[Bro-Dev] #993: The "--scriptdir" configure option is ignored by broctl

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#993: The "--scriptdir" configure option is ignored by broctl
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Component:  BroControl  |    Version:  git/master
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 If the "--scriptdir" configure option is specified when building Bro,
 then broctl ignores it.  In this situation, the first user-visible
 problem is that Bro fails to start.

 The "scripts/broctl" directory always gets installed in
 <prefix>/share/bro (instead of the directory specified with
 the "--scriptdir" configure option).  Also, the "policydir"
 broctl option is hard-coded to <prefix>/share/bro instead of
 taking the value specified in the "--scriptdir" configure option.

 As a result of "policydir" having the wrong path:

 1) "broctl install" cannot install any files into
 "policydirsiteinstall" because the source directory, "sitepolicypath",
 does not exist (it's actually installed according to the "--scriptdir"
 configure option, but the "sitepolicypath" broctl option is
 defined relative to the value of "policydir"), and
 2) the "set-bro-path" script uses "policydir" to set BROPATH, and
 sets BROPATH to directories that don't exist.

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