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#983: Deep typing bug
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Comment (by jsiwek):

 Would it be a reasonable solution to allow some type parameterization on
 the container constructors.  E.g.:

 type MyRec: record {
     min: count &optional;
     max: count;

 print record<MyRec>($min=7, $max=42);

 print set<MyRec>([$max=5], [$min=2, $max=10]);


 Otherwise, in an example like that, there's no way to implicitly type the

 For the original example Seth gave, there should be a way to infer type
 from the context of the assignment, but IMO there always seems to be "just
 one more case we forgot about" when it comes to automatic record/container
 type coercion/promotion/inference...

 If it sounds ok to add this feature to the language, does the syntax look
 alright with the angle brackets before the constructor param lists?

 table<[TypeList], Type>(...);

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