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Tue May 14 11:25:15 PDT 2013

#998: topic/dnthayer/cleanup3
 Reporter:  dnthayer       |      Owner:
     Type:  Merge Request  |     Status:  new
 Priority:  High           |  Milestone:  Bro2.2
Component:  BroControl     |    Version:  git/master
 Keywords:                 |
 This branch contains fixes to broctl related to executing
 other programs, as well as a race condition in the broctl
 start command.

 Here are the one-line summaries of all commits in this branch:

 Fix usage of PF_RING interface containing semicolons
 Fix broctl exec command to check for errors
 Fix a race condition during broctl start
 Remove some dead code
 Fix exit status output in debug log

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