[Bro-Dev] #1002: Merge new thread cleanup code

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#1002: Merge new thread cleanup code
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 topic/bernhard/thread-cleanup contains a change to the thread-cleanup code
 which changes how messages are exchanged on thread shutdown.

 The biggest change is that now messages from the thread to the parent are
 still executed until the child thread returns that it executed the
 finished message. That means the child thread can still push all its work
 on the queue before it is shut down. Queues are emptied by the parent
 thread until they receive the child thread notification that the shutdown
 has been processed.

 Before this change, all message processing was shut down the moment the
 master processed the finish-message, all data still in the queue from
 child to parent was lost.

 The change does not seem to have any adverse side effects, all tests still
 seem to pass.

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