[Bro-Dev] SMB analyzer

nicolas.retrain at cea.fr nicolas.retrain at cea.fr
Fri May 24 02:04:35 PDT 2013

Hi, sorry to bother you again.

Today I am looking at the SMB Analyzer, and I have few questions.
-Why did you choose to anlayse the SNIA-CIFS version, and not the others 
? (http://www.cifs.org/wiki/SMB/CIFS_References). Some of them have new 
dialects and don't match anymore :s . (I know, the SMB documentation is 
a real mess.. ).

-Some events are not well written into the event.bif :
For instance, the smb_com_negotiate event is build with 3 arguments

  336                 vl->append(analyzer->BuildConnVal());
  337                 vl->append(BuildHeaderVal(hdr));
  338                 vl->append(t); // which are the possible dialects
  340                 analyzer->ConnectionEvent(smb_com_negotiate, vl);

But in the event.bif the event is declared as follow without the last 
3851 event smb_com_negotiate%(c: connection, hdr: smb_hdr%);

-If I would add some parts of an other dialect, how should I implement 
it ? Add a dialect field in the SMB_session, and duplicate binpac if the 
protocols are different?


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