[Bro-Dev] CBrAN Bro Control Plugin

anthony kasza anthony.kasza at gmail.com
Mon Oct 14 09:43:54 PDT 2013

I have a basic broctl plugin that I'm hoping will be a first step towards
the CBrAN outlined here <http://bro.org/development/projects/cban.html>.
Currently, most of the functionality is stubbed in as screen output.

My initial thought was for the Bro project to maintain and distribute a
SQLite database of rebros (git repos of Bro scripts). As Python2.5+ has
native support for SQLite this would not require users to install
additional Python modules. A community developer would be able to register
his/her rebro for inclusion in the SQLite file distributed with broctl. The
SQLite file would represent the universe referred to on the project page.

Before getting too far into the weeds, I'm hoping to get some feedback
around design decisions (what issues distributing/maintaining a SQLite file
introduces) and to see if anyone is interested in collaborating.

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