[Bro-Dev] Organizing plugins (Re: [JIRA] (BIT-1222) topic/robin/reader-writer-plugins)

Siwek, Jon jsiwek at illinois.edu
Mon Aug 4 15:03:57 PDT 2014

On Aug 4, 2014, at 3:48 PM, Robin Sommer <robin at icir.org> wrote:

> So, in short: what would you guys think about solving the problem by
> moving DataSeries and ElasticSearch (including their scripts and
> tests) out into a new bro-plugin repository, but otherwise leaving
> things as they are right now?

Yeah, seems like a reasonable first-step.  I’m wondering if it makes sense to break them up even further in to separate repos like "dataseries-bro-plugin" and "elasticsearch-bro-plugin” ?  Done like that, it may make the maintainer of the plugin more obvious and so also distinguishes ones that are externally contributed as the owner will have their own independent repo.  If the aim was to have a central place for people to discover plugins, simply keeping a running list of repo URLs somewhere could also provide that.

- Jon

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