[Bro-Dev] Organizing plugins (Re: [JIRA] (BIT-1222) topic/robin/reader-writer-plugins)

Clark, Gilbert gc355804 at ohio.edu
Wed Aug 6 14:38:59 PDT 2014

Are there any plans for packaging plugins and pushing those into various distributions' repositories (e.g. CentOS, Debian, FreeBSD)?  'sudo yum install bro-2.4-elasticsearch-writer' seems like it would be pretty convenient for users, assuming there are plans to support it.  On a related note, it seems like individual maintainers could acquire blessed status pretty quickly without getting the bro team involved by pushing their individual plugin upstream somewhere: anything that 'yum search bro-plugin' (or equivalent) yields would probably be assumed to be somewhat stable (or at least stable enough to install without thinking about it too hard first :)

Are there plans to package a bro-2.4-plugin-devel or equivalent to make it possible for the folks who have installed bro via e.g. apt or yum to build plugins without having to also pull down and compile a complete version of bro?  I think this could make plugin development quite a bit more accessible for new folks, assuming the overhead of maintaining such a package wasn't unreasonable.

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> I don't like that stuff might not automatically build.  Would it be
> possible to have the plugins add stuff to bro's configure output?  So
> that plugins that are available and able to find their dependencies
> automatically build?

Hmmm ... Not sure I like that. To me these separately maintained
plugins are optional things that shouldn't be pulled in automatically.
Would you say they should also install automatically? What about those
that don't even have external dependencies? Would they always be

Also, if we integrated them into the central configure, we'd probably
also need to provide their options, like --with-dataseries=/path/to/ds ...


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