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Wed Jul 23 17:20:07 PDT 2014

Robin Sommer created BIT-1220:

             Summary: topic/robin/dynamic-plugins-2.3
                 Key: BIT-1220
                 URL: https://bro-tracker.atlassian.net/browse/BIT-1220
             Project: Bro Issue Tracker
          Issue Type: New Feature
          Components: Bro
    Affects Versions: git/master
            Reporter: Robin Sommer

This implements dynamic plugins for Bro, in the form of shared
libraries loaded at startup. Tested on Linux, MacOS, and FreeBSD.

Branches topic/robin/dynamic-plugins-2.3 are in bro, cmake, and bro-aux.

An overview of the main functionality is in doc/devel/plugins.rst.

This is a large change, and not everything is cast in stone yet.
However, I think it would be good to get merged at this point to then fine-tune further later.

I also have a few further branches based on this one that move more
functionality over to the plugin structure (readers, writers,
pktsrcs). I'll prepare them for merging later once this is in.

Further notes about the code changes:

- This removes the old Plugin macro magic, and hence touches all the
  existing analyzers to move them to the new API. Sorry. :)

- The plugin API changed to generally use std::strings instead of
  const char*.

- There are a number of invocations of PLUGIN_HOOK_{VOID,WITH_RESULT}
  across the code base, which allow plugins to hook into the
  processing at those locations. These are macros to make sure the
  overhead remains as low as possible when no plugin actually defines
  a hook (i.e., the normal case). See src/plugin/Manager.h for the
  macros' definition.

- There's one hook which could be potentially expensive: plugins can
  be notified if a BroObj they are interested in gets destroyed. But I
  didn't see a performance impact in my tests (with no such hook
  defined), and the memory usage doesn't change due to field

- The branch also adds a few new accessor methods to various classes
  to allow plugins to get to that information.

- network_time cannot be just assigned to anymore, there's now
  function net_update_time() for that.

- The branch redos how builtin variables are initialized, so that it
  works for plugins as well. No more init_net_var(), but instead
  bifcl-generated code that registers them.

- same_type() gets an optional extra argument allowing record type
  comparision to ignore if field names don't match.

- There are various changes for adjusting to the now dynamic
  generation of analyzer instances.

- The file analysis API gets unified further with the protocol
  analyzer API (assigning IDs to analyzers; adding Init()/Done()
  methods; adding subtypes).

- Adding a new command line option -Q that prints some basic execution
  time stats. Seems generally useful, and I'm planing to provide a
  plugin hook for measuring custom stuff.

- I'm not yet happy with the current conventions for the C++
  namespaces that plugins are in. I'm planing to clean that up later
  though, as I have some more branches relying on the current scheme
  and it will be easier to clean things up once everything is in.

- My cmake style is probably not fully consistent with the rest of the
  build system. Feel free to adapt (or also to leave as it is).

- There's a new piece of functionality for the file analysis
  framework: activate analyzers by MIME type. Pieces going in there:

    - File::register_for_mime_type(tag: Analyzer::Tag, mt: string):
	  Associates a file analyzer with a MIME type.

    - File::add_analyzers_for_mime_type(f: fa_file, mtype: string):
      Activates all analyzers registered for a MIME type for the file.

    - The default file_new() handler calls
      File::add_analyzers_for_mime_type() with the file's MIME type.

   This isn't actually used yet by any existing file analyzer (because
   we don't have any yet that would target a specific file format),
   but there's a test making sure it works.

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